We are ordinary people but extraordinary facilitators

About Us

We do not hide behind typical business language and appearance. Our goal is to build genuine connections to your people, to facilitate a maximum of experiences.

Since 2002 we have become increasingly passionate about designing learning concepts and unique developmental simulations that are about real projects and real leadership. We also help facilitate complex organizational change using the principals of the “Helping Relationship”. QUESTO Prosulting is represented in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, North and South America and the UK. QUESTO Prosulting cooperates with independent facilitators and specialists in experiential learning, some of who were participants on QUESTO programs themselves.

By growing selectively, we maintain our strategic capacity for truly differentiated program design and delivery. Questo’s professionals are ordinary people who are extraordinary faciltators – striving for outsized impacts. Our international staff and strategically located branches have the true capacity to deliver globally.


Architects & Artists

The PASSION of being architects and artists at the same time creating unique and tailored development and transformation initiatives for your organisation.

Cultural Detectives

The PASSION of being researchers and detectives at the same time, understanding your cultural make up and the behavioral patterns of your organization and leaders.

Game Changers

The PASSION of defining the changes in the behavior and attitude of your people and enabling them to transfer their learnings into daily leadership decisions.


Matthias Klein

Loves to design and deliver unique Action Learning programs. Enjoys creating authentic and trustful relationships.

Kip Garland

Loves to support strategic transformation and to establish a culture of innovation and agility.
Mr. “Job to be done”

Guido Schnarwiler

Loves to design and deliver unique Action Learning programs.
Mr. “Empathy and Co-Creation”

Valeria Rutgers

Loves to connect with people from all kind of cultures. Enjoys organizing complex events.
Ms. "Multitasking"

Joachim Schwendenwein

Loves to discover unknown territory all over the world. Enjoys strategic sparring.
Mr. "Mission Impossible"

Patrice Goudin

Loves to design and deliver unique Action Learning programs.
Mr. “Liberté”

Sonja Karall

Loves to support HR transformation processes. Enjoys connecting with people.
Ms. “Humble”

Ragnar Speicher

Loves to design and deliver unique Action Learning programs.
Mr. “Non-Violent-Communication”

Michael Rammelsberger

Loves to consult strategic transformations. Enjoys focusing on agile mindset.
Mr. "Real-Agility"

Wolfgang Wittmann

Loves to deliver unique Action Learning programs. Expert in management tools.
Mr. "Tool & Technique”

Michaela B.-Faulhammer

Loves to design and implement experiental and immersive learning labs.
Mrs. "Out-of-the-Box Thinking”

Ellen Herb

Loves to design and deliver unique Development programs and 1:1 Coaching.
Ms. "Connection”

Alina Driemel

Loves to design and deliver Development programs and strategic sparring.
Ms. "Consulting”

Angelika von der Assen

1st certified trainer for “search inside yourself” in Switzerland (SIY Leadership Institute, San Francisco)

Benjamin Brede

Loves to support in new ways of working and agility.
"Mr. New Working"