From focusing on skills - to focusing on solving real challenges

We fundamentally believe that leadership in a VUCA-world, disruption and permanent change cannot be acquired through a traditional classroom setup by using teaching, skills-training, role-plays and exercises only. In our view, sustainable learning requires a setup which is much closer to business reality, where participants can experiment AND EXPERIENCE new leadership skills and behaviors.

Team, Talent or Leadership Initiatives CANNOT take place in an organisational vacuum. IT MUST OCCUR WITHIN THE ACTUAL BUSINESS CONTEXT IN ORDER TO BE more sustainable and effective.

We love to design and deliver  Action Learning IN COMPLEX settings in which participants start with working on their real issues. Issues first, skills second.

By extensive feedback and reflection loops and 1:1 sparring sessions during every program we ensure learning on all levels: Business, Mindset and Skills.

The participants experience a real VUCA environment by assuming different leadership roles in a multi-dimensional matrix-setting.

TRANSFORMATION OCCURS VIA  a co-creative process WITH added value THROUGH:

  • Understanding the real business issues of your teams
  • Being serious in the stakeholder management and communication.
  • Experiencing VUCA in a multidimensional Action Learning Setting

while developing your business goals.

  • Getting lots of insights about what your people really need.
  • Drawing the whole picture including the organizational strategy and future challenges.
  • Facilitation on eye-level for creating an unique atmhosphere of trust and openness

We love sharing and discussing innovative design and delivery experiences.


ComCoaching Initiative, Daimler

“ Developing the cross-divisional communication culture while immersing a  VUCA world makes the questo Action Learning approach unique and supports sustainable learning.”

Markus Rettich, Daimler Academy

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