Individual solutions

Today and in the future, leading disruption will be the main mission for leaders. Acting disruptively and being disrupted is not an exception any more but the daily business.

Disruptive Coaching focuses on the main questions leaders are faced with:
What are my inner triggers that cause emotional disruption?
How can I increase my disruptive potential in thinking and behaving?
How can I strengthen my own capacity of mindfulness and resilience?
How can I transform myself from being a victim of disruption to becaming a driver of disruption?

Team solutions

The traditional phases of teambuilding taught thousands of times in the past and still today do not have value any more. In an environment of continious disruption, uncertainty and volatility, you won`t have stable teams. The question is rather, how can we as team accept uncertainty, disruption, and diversity by becoming a disruptive engine our selves?

What makes disruptive teambuilding extraordinarily beneficial?

Working disruptively on relevant business challenges and being disrupted at the same time by topics which will emerge in the future.
Changing the team perspective from victims of disruption to drivers of disruption.
Paying attention to what`s not obvious in their own team patterns and behavior, shake it up and renew them.

Corporate solutions

Requirements for organisations and leaders will not differ so much from branche to branche in the future. Digitalisation, Deskless Office, Knowledge Drain and more Informal Structures are just some of the challenges of an emerging future.

Corporate solutions for making an organisation fit for the future challenges must deal with both:
Corporate needs and emerging future demands.
To creating corporate solutions we do not need traditional approaches. Experiences we have made in the past do not necessarily work in the future any more.
We would like to take you on a disruptive design journey, in which together we will develop seemingly unreasonable concepts for your organisation.