Combining Corporate Social Responsibility with individual,
team or corporate development.


Experiencing complexity and uncertainty while taking on corporate responsibility and social care.


Individual and team development in disruption and working together with people with a personal and social need.


Through a unique & emotional experience by interacting with real people affected by VUCA reality.

CSR Action Learning

It is our heartfelt belief that thoughtful management combines Corporate Social Responsibility, with personnel and leadership development. We hold these two principles to be foremost in our philosophy.

Developing your leadership behavior and perspectives is much more effective when acting and experiencing a totally different culture, with different people, with different needs. Moving far out of your comfortzone while supporting the development of business goals of a non-profit organisation in collaboration with their leaders is a unique experience and fosters sustainable learning.

“The program with Matthias Klein from QUESTO Prosulting and the children village was by far the most intensive and at the same time the most effective program that I have ever participated in. Four packed days with a tough goal and multiple objectives (project goal, team working, individual development, continually giving and receiving feedback etc.). Even within a „normal“ business environment this would have been a real challenge.

Walter Harrer, SAP Suisse