C² Action Learning

Learning from different organisational cultures
while developing real and corporate projects together.


Cross Company Action Learning combines the concept of learning journeys with action learning by working together with leaders from different cultures.


In the cross company action learning concept you work together with important stakeholders of another organisation on a real and relevant task (for that organisation).


This transforms the getting to know process in a sustainable and unique experience of different approaches, business models, marketing strategies and leadership cultures.

Cross-Company Action Learning​

We believe working together with experts from another organisation and culture will enhance your perspectives with a real experience. By working together you have the chance to really learn from each other with head, heart and hand.

​Imagine, if you would not only receive feedback from ​people from within your organisation, but also from leaders from another organisation and culture. Inherent politics, different interests, and dynamics would be a real and authentic feedback. Leading people from another organisation within a project will really challenge you and your experience.

C2 Action Learning with Siemens Suisse and Festspielhaus Bregenz

"Questo is an inspiring partner for innovative learning designs."

Astrid Hausherr-Fischer,​ Siemens Schweiz